Potluck - Where to start with JS × Freelancing × Cron jobs × Split testing × Frameworks in 2019 × More


It’s another potluck episode in which Wes and Scott answer your questions! This month - thoughts on frameworks for 2019, React Native, when should you start freelancing, where to start with JS, cron jobs, split testing and more!

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Show Notes


  • Where is the best place to start with JS coming from WordPress?


  • How do you set up cron jobs? What are the best tools to use, should they run on their own server or on the application server, etc.?


  • What new skills, frameworks, projects are you look forward to learning in 2019?


  • Do you use any software for tracking analytics on your site and do you ever use this data to run split tests? If so, what is your preferred method for running split tests?


  • What’s your best tip for young coders to stay productive and not lose time?


  • I’m 17 and learning web dev. I’m pretty concerned about my skills and feeling some impostor syndrome. Is it ok to start freelancing?


  • What is React Native? How do people tend to use it? If you want a native and web app, do they share code?
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