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In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk about how to keep your skill up to date when you have a job and a family, when you should start looking for your first job, monorepos, video hosting, TLDs, APIs, fake names, and more!

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Show Notes

02:10 - How do you handle token refresh when multiple API calls are made at the same time? Let’s says you get a 401 and do acquire a new token, but that will only be used by the first API call, while the other parallel APIs would still use the old one and error out. This has caused me to sort of artificially limit the total requests to be made to 1. How do you deal with it?

06:40 - What service do you guys use for video storage and optimization? I am currently building out a side project that will require some video hosting so I figured I would ask the experts.

15:22 - I’m trying to teach myself web development and I’m having problems making up the logic for my personal projects. I would have to watch YouTube tutorials or look at other people’s code in order to implement simple features to my website and I’ve been feeling pretty stupid for not spending the time to think of it. I feel like I’m missing out on knowing how to problem solve for myself whenever I copy other people’s code and try to understand them afterwards.

19:27 - I just landed my first web development job after following The Odin Project and building personal projects for about a year. It tripled my income so I am incredibly excited! I have been using a PHP framework which was developed by one of my coworkers and has no documentation. In order to understand the code, I either have to read a bunch of source code or ask one of the other developers questions. While I am doing well, I can’t help but feel as if I am working way too slow and asking way too many questions. I assume this is imposter syndrome and lots of people deal with it, but how would you suggest dealing with this type of anxiety?

25:11 - Monorepos, yes or no?

29:43 - As a brand new self-taught web developer, how would you know if you’re ready to apply for junior positions?

32:03 - Will there ever be a .eat domain or are the pre-order sites just ripping you off? Would like to know who decides what TLDs are possible or not.

35:26 - I’m currently employed as a fullstack developer but want to build a portfolio for future job hunting. Would you say it’s ok to reference a project or two from an employer? My problem is that the only projects I have outside are mostly just smaller tools built for myself for fun.

39:29 - Should developers always use their real first and last name when presenting themselves as a professional online (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Github, personal site). Or is it acceptable to use a fake last name for example? My wife is quite conscious about privacy online, so would prefer I retain some anonymity. But also, my last name is a bit generic, and not very Googleable. I thought having a more snappy and interesting name would help me stand out, and be easier to find with a quick Google. You guys both have awesome names that are very unique and are hard to forget.

43:59 - How do you find time to work and keep up with updates and libraries etc. having a wife & kids?

46:06 - I am a beginner in making course content. I am trying to create a programming tutorial, but every time I try to record some tutorials I have to compromise on audio quality. Lots of background noises get captured on audio. Can you both share some tips to make soundproofing room? What tricks do you both use?

53:33 - As someone who recently learned/is learning how to build websites using express/node/react, with a little know how with Python and Django too, how do you start building a portfolio that isn’t just a bunch of practice/show-pieces? How do I get a client?

59:53 - Should I be using multiple web apps on a single site or try to make them all one? If I have a site that displays blog posts about parks for example, then a page with all the parks listed out that link to a page about each single park’s details, should I be making the entire thing in one app? Or make a blog app and publish it, then make a different app for the other content and publish it using a subdomain?

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