Potluck - Typescript × E-commerce platforms × Job-hopping × Working for agencies × More


It’s another potluck episode in which Wes and Scott answer your questions! This month - thoughts on Typescript, e-commerce platforms vs custom, working for agencies, job-hopping and more!

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Show Notes


  • How do you distinguish between normal and virtual pixels on high dpi devices. How do you call Pixels? Which tools do you use for optimizing Images?


  • What are your thoughts on TypeScript (and selfishly, I’d like to learn about using it with React)? Any temptation to try it out if you’re not already doing so? Why or why not? Any resources you’d like to share on TypeScript?


  • I have heard you guys say good things about Digital Ocean before, but am reading a lot of bad reviews about them on various websites. Are these just frustrated developers or is there any merit to these claims?


  • If you were to build an eCommerce store, given that your business requirements specify that custom functionality is needed, would it be smart to roll your own solution or use Magento/Shopify/Woocommerce? If the later, what is the developer experience like? Which has the greater ability to implement custom functionality for server and client side code?


  • I feel like I’m pretty “bos” at starting projects but so terrible at finishing them. As people who finish courses and projects all the time, what is your advice for getting to that finish line?


  • Could you please explain how you organize your files? What is the folder structure you use for both your projects and other documents/videos and stuff?


  • You guys mention working for “agencies” in the past. As a freelance web developer, what’s the best way to find these agencies, and to be employed by them? Also, can you explain what “agencies” are?


  • I once read an interview Wes gave in which he mentioned that frequently changing jobs is the best way to get salary increases. Do you both believe that to be true? Is job-hopping a bad thing? Is the criticism of it justified?


  • If I choose to use Next.js, does that mean I won’t be able to use new React features like hooks and suspense until/if the Next.js team implements those?


  • When do you use and when do you use to wrap your many returned components from render()?
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