Potluck - Programming Languages × Soft Skills × PHP vs JS × Breakdancing x Spice Blends


It’s another potluck episode in which Wes and Scott answer your questions! This month - programming languages, how to practice soft skills, PHP vs JS, is it every too late to become a developer, and more.

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Show Notes


  • Why don’t you work with Typescript?


  • How do you recommend working with APIs/libraries that compete with the DOM (e.g. d3 + react, react + google maps)?


  • What is meant by the word “state” when referring to Vue or React?




  • As someone trying to break into the field of programming, should you build everything from scratch, or it ok to use plugins and libraries?


  • What would WordPress be like if it were built on Node and GraphQL?
  • Ghost


  • I’m learning JavaScript at 34… Do you think I can learn to breakdance at 34 too?


  • How do you handle high level page layout when using styled components?


  • As a junior dev, should I switch from PHP and Laravel to full stack JS? I love PHP, but JS is taking over.
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