Potluck - Mobile First × Arrow Functions × Deno × JSON APIs × Refactoring Tips × More!


It’s another potluck! In this episode, Scott and Wes answer your questions about mobile first development, ES6 arrow functions, Deno.js, tips for refactoring your code, best e-commerce platforms and more!

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Show Notes

02:50 - Q: Wondering about your take on mobile first design and implementation? Do you throw the desktop styles or the mobile styles in media queries? Any opinions about that? I’m switching a lot between projects that do it differently, and it really makes my head melt.

08:24 - Q: What is the difference between the ES6 arrow functions and a normal function? When would you use a normal function instead of an arrow function or the other way around?

13:54 - Q: What are your opinions or experiences on developing 360/VR experiences on the web? There are a few frameworks out there for building such experiences, like A-Frame and React 360. I was wondering if you had any experience using such frameworks or building these types of things, and do you think that this could become a big thing for web development in the future?

19:02 - Q: How do you define senior developer? What is the difference between intermediate and senior developers?

21:37 - Q: I was curious knowing your opinions regarding json:api and its consumption in React. Is it still a good pick compared to GraphQL or normal rest/json?

27:30 - Q: What’s your take on Blitz.js and RedwoodJS? Would you use a framework like this to build a large & scalable web app?

30:54 - Q: What do you think of Deno.js reaching version 1.0? Is it really going to be a Node successor, or is that just marketing hype?

34:34 - Q: When you are looking to refactor code, do you have a process you like to follow?

41:35 - Q: Which technology stack would you choose in 2020 for an e-commerce website and why?

46:32 - Q: I’m confused about developing a website for a client. I feel like most, if not all, clients want to take administrative control at the end of the project to be able to handle things themselves. Does this mean the only option for client projects is WordPress? I got really excited about making a client’s site in Gatsby, but they would need to be a coder to be able to edit the content of the site or maintain it. Am I missing something here?

49:52 - Q: How do I use prop types to check a component when getting the props from context instead of passing them down?

51:51 - Q: Should I use the mongoDB or mongoose node module in my project? What are the differences?

55:48 - Q: Is it a bad practice if I mix up React Bootstrap and Material UI in one React project?

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