Potluck - Media Queries × NPM Vulnerabilities × Fullstack JS vs JAMstack × Web VR/AR × Switching Jobs × More!


It’s another potluck episode in which Wes and Scott answer your questions! This month - Media Queries, NPM Vulnerabilities, Web VR and AR, Fullstack JS vs JAMstack for freelancers, switching jobs, and more!

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Show Notes


  • Q: I recently started a static site so I want as much of the site as possible to change layout with just CSS for responsive design. I am comfortable with media queries but find often times the design is very different between sizes. It is easy to tame the complexity of repeated data for the different component views keeping everything in sync but is it good practice to put two completely different component level views in a single HTML file? Does the repeated data in the static HTML have any effect on SEO?


  • Q: How should a mid developer know when its time to leave the current company? Is tech stack (e.g frameworkless) a decent reason even though he/she is happy at the place, but feels like they are not growing enough?


  • Q: Should I worry about the critical vulnerabilities when installing an NPM package?


  • Q: I’ve had the idea for styling one site two different ways (professional/artistic) and giving visitors a button to toggle between the two. Too gimmicky? Secondary: how did you pick your brand colors?


  • Q: Any SICK TIPS on career change? I’m a full-time employee with two kids and a lovely wife, who wants a fulfilling career. I throw as much time in as I can to study, but I feel like it isn’t enough to apply for jobs.


  • Q: Within the next two years, how well do you think WebVR and WebXR technologies would fit within mainstream web development (think A-Frame, SparkAR, React 360 in normal websites and applications)?


  • Q: Should I learn Fullstack JS or JAMstack for freelancing?


  • Q: Is front-end development dying?


  • Q: How do you deal with CSS-in-JS when you have one-off stuff, or coupled components/selectors like a [CSS] grid container and a grid child (think grid-area)? CSS-in-JS feels very verbose for this use case.


  • Q: Scott always talks about Meteor. I thinks its really cool too. What’s the future of it and why didn’t it take off? It seems to have slowed down. They seem to have moved on to other projects like GraphQL stuff.
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