Potluck EP × Remote Work × Headless WordPress × Good Client Questions × Alternate Careers × React API Credentials


It’s another potluck episode in which Wes and Scott talk about freelancing best practices, tips for working remotely, what they would do if they had to pick a different career, and much more!

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Show Notes


  • How long should you stay with each job and/or company?


  • What is the best way to work remotely?
  • Tips for remote working
    • Have a dedicated space
    • Clear on and off times
    • Have a time for winding down
    • Make specific TODO lists
    • Use blocking software to help you stay focused
    • Switch up the scenery / Work in different places


  • What are the trade-offs with using WordPress in a headless setup vs a tradition setup?


  • How do you deal with API credentials in React?


  • How do you keep an eye on performance with an app/site over the long-term?
    • Check uptime
    • Check the performance features in browser dev tools
    • Use error checking software
    • Host-based performance tools
    • Newrelic
    • pingdom
    • LogRocket


  • What happened to Canvas after all the hype around HTML5 a few years ago?


  • How do you deal with analysis paralysis?
    • Just get to work - you can always change things later
    • Do research, but don’t let it get in the way of shipping


  • If you were forced to change your career (and it had to be something you’ve never done professionally in the past), what would it be?
    • Wes: Some sort of buying and selling (eBay, Amazon, etc,)
    • Example: Buying things at wholesale prices and selling them with a markup
    • Scott: Could go a lot of different directions.
    • Example: DJ, Snowboarding instructor, develop a video game that is a sequel to Cruis’n USA


  • As a freelance developer, what are some good questions to ask before taking on a client?
    • Budget
    • Scope
    • Preferred communication methods
    • How do you make money?
    • What are the ultimate goals?
    • Basically, ask as many questions as possible
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