Potluck EP × Is Redux Dead × Learning Quickly × Developing Solo × Specialist vs Generalist × Funnest Projects × Wes’ BBQ Course


It’s a Potluck episode - you bring the questions and we turn them into tasty treats.

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Show Notes


  • What is an efficient way to process huge data, greater than 740 MB when not working in JS?



  • Wes, can you make a course on how to barbecue meat properly?



  • What are the best things to keep in mind when you are the only developer on a team?


  • Is Redux for React dead with the new context API?
  • Redux


  • What’s the funnest project you have ever worked on and why?
  • LevelUpTuts


  • What’s the best use case for JWP?
  • JWP


  • Should I focus on one thing and try to master one technology instead of being a jack of all trades?



  • Would you use single page application vs SSR for large reactor view apps?
  • SSR
  • Next.js


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