Potluck - Editor Fonts × Portfolios × Meetup Tips × Switching to Windows × Freelancing Sources


It’s another potluck episode in which Wes and Scott answer your questions about freelancing, portfolios, code editors, meetup tips, switching to windows and more!

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Show Notes


  • Question: Maaz Syed Adeeb - Are editor fonts worth the investment (if yes, why)? Why are they such a big deal in the first place?
  • Operator Mono
  • Dank Mono
  • Fira Code


  • Question: Ste O’Neill - How can I come up with ideas for projects? What can I put in a portfolio when I work for an agency?


  • Question: JavaScript Joe - If I only have two hours per week to work on coding projects, do I spend it building a side project or do I spend it contributing to open source? What’s your experience contributing to open source?


  • Question: Diane - Why is Git so hard to grasp in team projects? What are the best resources to master it?
  • Try Github


  • Question: Grant Chambers - What are some tips for going to your first meetup?
  • React Meetups



  • Question: Would you recommend using Upwork for starting out freelancing or something similar?


  • Question: Mike C. - What do you guys think about sites like Codewars and Code Fights? Being new to web development, I find the problems hard to solve. Is it important to know how to solve all these problems? If so, how do I get better at developing the mindset to solve them?
  • JavaScript 30
  • Level Up Tutorials


  • Question: When I work on a website, I need to record user names, passwords, URLs, keys, logins, cPanel, WordPress, ftp, MySQL for each and every website, local and remote. Currently, I use a text file to save all that information. How are you storing all this info? How others do it? How the pros are managing this? Pros and cons?
  • SSH Key
  • LastPass
  • 1Password



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