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It’s another Potluck! In this episode, Scott and Wes answer your questions about CSS, Angular, Svelte, dev job preparation and more!

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Show Notes

3:23 - Q: How big is too big for state? I have an object of around 1000 items which will be used in a search box on the frontend of my site, but the list of items won’t be updated very often. What is the most efficient way to store these items and deliver them to the browser? Would you use state, a JSON object, a MongoDB document or some other way I haven’t thought of?

7:17 - Q: How much do I need to know before I start applying for dev jobs?

9:26 - Q: Do you folks have any opinions on Skeleton loaders, and any thoughts on how best to implement them? At my day job we’ve recently implemented skeleton loaders in a way that inherits the parent styles. Would love to know if there’s any best practices for this or ways we can improve our setup.

13:01 - Q: Do you think we still need to use CSS resets like normalize and sanitizer?

14:56 - Q: Scott, can you tell the story of how you landed an interview for a job in Japan? I am moving to Japan next year and wondering how that opportunity arose for you.

20:04 - Q: Do you guys have an opinion on angular good or bad? Or is it that you’re more comfortable and have used React and Vue more often, so they’re largely at the center of any framework discussions?

22:54 - Q: Could you talk about naming and structuring files/folders in your applications? How do you name components and folders? Do you follow some sort of path of how to structure files in a web app?

29:01 - Q: Do you think that Node is almost too powerful to handle some of the simpler tasks (a site that just needs a contact form for instance), or am I just missing some very simple configuration? It seems like other languages, such as PHP, might be better suited for some of these simple tasks and Node is really just meant for larger scale application? I guess what my question really boils down to is, for a freelancer, I understand that I need to have my hands in a lot of different tech stacks, but should I really dive in on PHP (or something else) to handle some of these simpler features a client might need?

33:24 - Q: What do you guys think about Svelte? Before everything goes WASM will Svelte be the future of web programming?

37:24 - Q: What smart phones and laptops do you use for work? (specific model and why)

42:38 - Q: Should I apply for other jobs even if my contract might get renewed? Should I feel loyal to a company?

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