Potluck - Changing careers × Repo organization × CSS Grid × Certifications × Freelancing × Spammers × More


It’s another potluck episode in which Wes and Scott answer your questions! This month - organizing your Git repos, the difference between freelancing and contracting, changing careers, how to deal with spammers and more!

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Show Notes


  • Q: Do you prefer to have your backend and frontend in separate Git repos or together? What are the trade-offs?


  • Q: In web dev, what’s the difference between a freelancer and independent contractor?


  • Q: Default export vs named export?


  • Q: I’m looking to change careers, but I’m 41 this year. Is it too late?


  • Q: Have you guys made much use of multicolumn layout? If so, only for text, or have you come up with (or seen elsewhere) any interesting out-of-the-box uses?


  • Q: Since you publish your courses’ source code on Github, what do you think about people using that to learn instead of buying your course? Is it an intentional decision, or is it a compromise you’re willing to make?


  • Q: When is a certification needed for both jobs and side-projects?


  • How do you deal with spammers filling out forms?


  • Q: Could you better explain what a slug is? I’ve heard the term thrown around on a number of your episodes, but I don’t really know what it means.


  • Q: I am currently going through some currency conversion stuff for a project, what would you recommend to use for international conversions?
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