Potluck - Are classes dead? × Tutorials vs Real Life × CRA vs Next × Scraping × More


It’s another potluck episode in which Wes and Scott answer your questions! This month - are classes dead?, tutorials vs real life, the smart home, developers and mental health, and more!

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Show Notes


  • Q: What advice would you give to someone wanting to get involved with the open source community, coming from closed-source full-time work? How do people make time to code on the side and balance a life/family?


  • Q: In Syntax 060, you mentioned making your life easier as a motivation. How do you get your data from sites that may not have an API? Web scraping? Any tools you’d recommend?


  • Q: Do you think React aims toward a world with functional components only or will class based components always play a role?


  • Q: Just feedback on the recent Smart Home podcast…I really enjoyed it! I have about 48 (color) HUE lights throughout my home, and use an IFTTT applet for my Ring PRO doorbell, so when someone rings the doorbell, all the lights in the home blink (e.g. so I can see when an Amazon Prime package arrives, or know someone is at the front door, etc…while I’m working and wearing my Bose QC35II’s, and of course listening to your podcast)! I’m a huge fan of the podcast since early last summer (I rarely comment, but you guys are great)!


  • Q: What would you do in the event your clients sends you a “thank you” card along with cash that is MUCH lower than you are preparing to invoice them? Would you remove it from the invoice, ask them what they would prefer, etc? I’m stuck in an awkward situation and it doesn’t even cover the hosting costs.


  • Q: I’ve heard a lot of good things about Next.js, but what exactly is it? How does it compare to just using the create-react-app? Is it worth it to migrate a small side project that I have to Next.js?


  • Q: I take tutorials all the time for web dev. I have taken many of both of your courses. Thank you, they are great! I am completely self taught and have zero computer science education whatsoever. As well as your courses and other tutorials have taught me various languages and libraries, they do not prepare me for real work interviews or jobs. No offense. How do I make the jump from tutorials to real life?


  • Q: Do you have exercises to warm up your brain before you start coding? I always find it a bit difficult to jump straight into a project. I would never start working out before warming up and I feel that’s also true about development!


  • Q: How should developers deal with depression and mental health?
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