Potluck × Native Web Components × JS Class Mixins × Application Secrets


In this potluck episode, Scott and Wes talk home electicity, and then answer your questions about native web components, JS class mixins, JavaScript for marketers, managing application secrets, and more!

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Show Notes
  • 00:10 Welcome
  • 01:09 Sponsor: Sentry
  • 02:18 Electrical house update
  • Klien Wirestrippers
  • 07:45 Custom Syntax podcast browser
  • Custom Syntax browser
  • 09:29 When using browser native web components (i.e. extends HTMLElement), should the whole application be wrapped in a component tree similar to how React apps do it?
  • Deno
  • Using Web Components with Next or any SSR Framework
  • 16:12 Should I avoid JS/TS class mixins?
  • 21:07 Is it acceptable to have any string value as a value for a CSS custom property?
  • 26:48 Should agencies consider building marketing sites with JS frameworks or is Wordpress still the best option here?
  • 33:56 What are the main things to think about when laying the foundations for an app or project that will hopefully grow into something big?
  • 41:24 Will Javascript skills give me an edge over other local digital marketers?
  • WordPress
  • Ghost
  • 46:00 What tool, if any, do you use for publishing packages?
  • 50:19 Do you have any suggestions on how I can find time to code more?
  • Bit
  • 54:17 how do you both manage your application secrets (API keys, database credentials etc) when deploying to Digital Ocean or Linode?
  • 58:52 SIIIIICK ××× PIIIICKS ×××
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