Potluck - $100/hr × Redux Replacements × Full Stack Designers × JWT × VS Code Tips × More


It’s another potluck episode in which Wes and Scott answer your questions! This month - raising your rates, full stack designers, JWT, VS Code tips, and more.

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Show Notes


  • I listened to your episode on Freelancing and I was wondering how to justify an increase in my hourly rate. You mentioned that you just increased it to $100/hr and nobody griped, but I seem to have a steady stream of clients who want things for free or nearly free and I usually have that fear that if I charge them more, then I won’t get the business. Thoughts?


  • I’ve started a YouTube web development channel. Recently, I was approached to produce content for money for another website. For some reason, I immediately thought I might be taken advantage of (I’m pretty new and it’s odd to be offered something like this so quickly, no?) if accepting. What do you think? Should I create content for a (small) website that I never heard of or continue with YouTube (or both)?


  • I’ve read on Twitter that React.Context can be a good replacement for Redux. Why?


  • What’s it like running a podcast?!


  • I’ve seen a rise in the term “full-stack designer”. Is this a title you think will become a real thing? Someone capable of overseeing a project from concept to prototype? Thanks!


  • What has been the most awkward situation you’ve been in as a dev?


  • Do you have any good resources on JWT? I’m unclear when my front end needs to send what to my back end, to ensure my sites and only my sites can get the data requested from my server. Thanks for everything you do!


  • How do you move selected text horizontally (or vertically) in VSCode? I’ve seen it in Wes’ videos and I tried to ask him on Twitter, but I’m sure that is a chore to keep up with. I’ve googled a ton, but the only thing I found was an extension that adjusts indentation, which is not really what I’m after.


  • How do you recommend providing feedback on “bad” code to a developer more experienced than you, without coming off as an uppity, know-it-all junior who just read a bunch of textbooks??


  • How do you set up an IP whitelist? I am just getting started managing databases and I am using Mongo Atlas. They require an IP whitelist for all connections. Developing from my computer is fine because I can just add my IP to the whitelist, but what do I do if I actually want to make my API or website public? Just whitelist everything? That sounds like a terrible idea…
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