Our React Wish List


In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk about what they wish existed in React!

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Show Notes React

03:53 - Unmount delay for animation

06:20 - Suspense with SSR released (or not because I think they are shelving it)

09:24 - File based components

  • Like Svelte and Vue
  • This would look like a file with a special scoped tag per page.

11:50 - Prevent Default shortcuts

13:00 - No more useIsoLayoutEffect

  • useLayoutEffect on SSR should just work without a custom hook
  • Simple data fetching strategy based on promises

15:52 - Recommended hooks

  • E.g. "here is the best way to do things"
  • Official list of best practice hooks

18:25 - A good form strategy

  • Bind inputs to state directly without any change handlers
  • Inputs and forms all around need more magic - it's painful

20:43 - Write once deploy everywhere

  • Not likely ever
  • E.g. automatic transformation into react-native (obviously not going to happen)

22:28 - Compile time directives

25:11 - Slots instead of children

  • Allows for things like named slots more explicit than children

26:44 - Removal of htmlFor, className and all other abominations of html

29:09 - Import Raact from React for JSX to work

32:31 - Better conditional / if statement syntax

33:09 - Fragments by default

  • Just do it for us - the error message already knows

33:54 - Automatic key ids

  • If mapping an object, check for common _id or id

36:36 - Simple scoped CSS built in

37:29 - Short hand for props with same name is prop={prop}

39:00 - Prop interpolation without backticks: name="$first $last"

  • Or just backticks without brackets name=${first} ${last} instead of name={${first} ${last}}

39:43 - Story for typescript/prettier/babel

40:11 - Automatic a href client side routing

41:51 - Scaffolding and component generation

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