Migrating, Deploying, and Hosting WordPress


In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk with Brad Touesnard of Delicious Brains about migrating, deploying, and hosting WordPress.

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Show Notes

3:50 - Why did start Delicious Brains?

5:25 - What plugins does Delicious Brains make?

11:40 - Migrating WordPress

16:50 - Migrating databases

24:20 - How do you do version control with WordPress?

37:06 - What’s the easiest way to deploy and host WordPress?

40:23 - What are some examples of managed WordPress hosts?

46:58 - What does your deployment process look like from beginning to end?

50:22 - Thoughts on headless WordPress

53:12 - Is serverless WordPress a thing?

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