Live at JAMstack_conf


This week Scott and Wes are live at JAMstack_conf with games, Spicy JAM Tips, Q&As and more.

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Show Notes

7:14 - Spicy JAM Tips

  • Set default headers in your request library - this way it comes along for the ride on every request
  • Don’t get hung up on “static” - static sites can be as dynamic as needed
  • Don’t wait to use new tech - progressively enhance and gracefully degrade where needed
  • There are many JAMStack libraries in the sea - there are many different approaches so don’t be afraid to experiment
  • Side projects are key to learning - test out new tech on smaller projects first and get comfortable with it

10:10 - This, That or Both?

  • Evo RX - High end Carbon Fibre Road Bike or Library for composing asynchronous and event-based operations in JavaScript?
  • Jumpsuit - A rap/rock group from Flint Michigan or a minimal React/Redux Framework?
  • Aphrodite - React Styling Library or Best Selling Erotic novel?
  • Yugo - A minimal static site generator built in O-CAML or a super mini hatchback built in the former Yugoslavia?
  • C-Control - A modern state management library for web components or studio headphone mixer?
  • Yakbak - A recordable HTTP testing interface or a popular 90’s electronic toy?
  • Joose - A hip east coast juice bar or a metaobject system for JavaScript?
  • Easy Rooter - A client side object oriented router written in modern Vanilla JavaScript or a drain cleaning plumbing apparatus popular among local plumbers?
  • Aqueduct - A server-rendered ORM and oAuth 2.0 based framework built in Dart or a early 2000’s pop group hailing from Venice Beach?
  • Gort - A 1980’s animated series cartoon villain or a CLI Toolkit for RobotOps written in Go?
  • Raptorize - A jQuery plugin that plays a Velociraptor screech or A popular DIY spray on truck bed liner?

21:13 - Stumped!

  • Question 1: What does “age” console.log to and why?

    let age = 26; age /= 2; console.log(age); // ??

  • Question 2: What are all seven types in JS?

  • Question 3: How do you pronounce “specificity”?

  • Question 4: What is event delegation and when might you want to use it?

  • Question 5: What is CSS @supports for?

  • Question 6: An arrow function takes in an unlimited number of arguments - how would you capture them?

  • Question 7: What is the difference between .slice() and .splice()?

  • Question 8: How would you calculate the number of milliseconds since midnight of January 1, 1970?

  • Question 9: What does “age” console.log to and why?

    const age = console.log(100) || 200; console.log(age);

31:26 - Overrated or Underrated?

  • Arrow Functions
  • Downtown scooters
  • Using Sass inside Styled Components
  • Website that play sound in the interface
  • The amount of JS frameworks
  • Soft close toilet seats
  • GraphQL
  • ES6 Destructuring
  • Instapots
  • Implicit Return
  • CSS Houdini
  • Service Workers and Offline Applications
  • Modern Design Tools - Figma, FramerX, Moudlez, Sketch, Studio
  • Decorators
  • Optional Chaining Proposal

42:35 - Q+A with Scott and Wes

  • Since this is your first time meeting, what was the thing that surprised you the most?
  • If you could create any Tycoon game, what would you create?
  • In 2018, how concerned should we be about no-JS users?
  • How many spaces should a tab be?
  • How important is integration testing and the decentralized ecosystem?
  • What are your thoughts on the new React Hooks API?
  • Are we going to have a serverless function architecture apocalypse?
  • Are you ever going to create an online course together?
  • How will the future look for component-based design?
  • What’s your least favorite jam?
  • What would be your goto headless CMS?
  • What do you disagree on?
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