Keeping Up with the Codeashians. Dealing with our fast paced industry.


Scott and Wes talk about how to deal with being overwhelmed with our fast paced industry. How do you keep you and your team's skills up to date?

Wes' Note: Scott came up with the title for this one. I know.

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Show Notes



  • That feeling
  • Being okay with not knowing everything


  • How to wait it out
  • When you should jump into a library
  • 1.0 of libraries
  • Dogfooding


  • Just In Time learning
  • Doubling down on the fundamentals


  • What is JAM Stack?


  • Why do you need to stay up to date?
  • Moving or Losing Jobs
  • Comfy Chairs


  • Hipster Web Developers


  • Someone think of the customers!
  • Technical Debt
  • Falling in love with web development again
  • Constantly challenging yourself


  • Complacency in Web Devleopment
  • Motivating Comfortable Web Developers
  • You have to stay up to date


  • Working on the weekends
  • Real Talk: part of your job is staying up to date
  • How to find time to learn on the clock


  • Adding new tech to projects as a way to learn


  • What if your senior developer is holding back progress?
  • How to convince your team or boss that you aren't just a hipster and this new tech is worth it
  • Show them the why!


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