JS One Liners


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about some Javascript one liners that speed up your coding experience in one line.

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Show Notes
  • 00:24:12 Welcome
  • 01:24:11 Sponsor: Linode
  • 02:11:02 Sponsor: Sentry
  • 03:54:18 Twitter ask for One Liners
  • 04:24:05 Math random const getPsuedoID =() => Math.floor(Math.random() * 1e15);
  • 05:43:09 Random color
  • Paul Irish random color '#'+Math.floor(Math.random()*16777215).toString(16);
  • 06:41:06 Console.log as an object. console.log({ dog, person }); VS Marketplace Link
  • 08:29:17 Edit anything document.designMode = "on"
  • 10:15:15 Temporal date export const today = Temporal.Now.plainDateISO();
  • 11:44:05 Console(log) const myFunc = (age) ⇒ console.log(age) || updateAge()
  • 13:26:13 Remove a prop const { propToRemove, ...rest } = obj;
  • 15:29:01 PHP style debugging preElement.innerText ={JSON.stringify(val, '', ' ')}`
  • 16:31:00 First and Last Destructure var {0: first, length, [length - 1]: last} = [1,2,3];
  • 17:34:17 Speed up audio video document.querySelector('audio, video’).playbackRate = 2
  • Overcast
  • 19:44:15 Sleep function let sleep = (time = 0) => new Promise(r => setTimeout(r, time))
  • 20:26:00 If statements on one line If (!thing) return 'something'
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