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In this episode of Syntax, Wes and Scott ask each other hiring questions asked of JavaScript developers in job interviews.

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Show Notes
  • JavaScript Interview Questions
  • 00:13 Let’s get STUMP’d
  • 01:08 Cleaning out the garage
  • 05:05 What are 4 methods available on weakmap?
  • 07:07 How do you make an object iterable in JavaScript?
  • 09:29 How do you make the first letter of a string into uppercase?
  • 10:26 What is the typeof operator?
  • 11:53 What are classes in ES6?
  • 13:21 How do you enumerate key and value pairs of an object?
  • 15:44 Kontent by Kentico
  • 17:08 What is an event queue?
  • 21:05 Why do you need JSON?
  • 24:49 Why do you need a promise?
  • 25:45 Explain the range overflow property
  • 28:21 How do you return all matching strings against a matching expression?
  • 30:14 Sponsor: LogRocket
  • 30:51 What is a thunk function?
  • 33:46 Can you redeclare let or const variables?
  • 34:17 What are enhanced object literals?
  • 35:56 What is the difference between call, apply, and bind?
  • 38:52 Sponsor: Freshbooks
  • 39:57 What are benefits of modules and why would you need them?
  • 43:50 ××× SIIIIICK ××× PIIIICKS ×××
  • 48:47 Shameless Plugs
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