How We Manage Our Lives — Notion, Todos, Notes, Focusing, Calendars, Goal tracking, and more!


In this episode, Wes and Scott talk about life management — the systems and tools for managing all the the busy details of life and work.

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Show Notes

5:00 - Todos

  • GTD philosophy
  • Todoist
  • Things

12:31 - Focusing

  • Focus app
  • Turn off all notifications on iOS and desktop
  • Rename apps
  • Ask yourself why you feel the way you do
    • Should be doing email? Do I need to eat that frog?
    • Why do I not enjoy this?
  • Sticky note on screen or desk

21:27 - How we track ideas, thoughts, and notes

  • Get everything out of your head
  • Markdown files
  • Evernote
  • Notion

27:23 - Calendar and schedule

33:30 - Goal tracking / Life progression

  • Keep concepts and ideas in Notion
  • Milestones (bigger ideas) are separated
  • Use the system that works best for you

36:58 - Fun things with Notion

  • What is Notion?
  • Cross-linking/referencing between boards
  • Episode calendar and possible episodes kanban
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