Hasty Treat - Tips For Writing Good CSS


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about tips for writing good CSS.

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Show Notes

4:08 - Use a system

4:50 - Use overrides and cascading

  • Embrace the cascade
  • Don’t rewrite the same CSS over and over again
  • Understand why scoping is good

9:07 - Nail down typography early

  • You can always revisit if it isn’t what you need

10:36 - Pick a pattern and stick to it

  • BEM
  • Functional CSS
  • CSS in JS

14:39 - Don’t style based on element type (kind of) — a class should describe the component

17:09 - Good naming techniques

  • Describe what it is, not what it looks like
  • Thing
    • ThingChild
      • ThingChild-modifier
  • Scale sizes (e.g. s, m, l, xl)

21:43 - Other tips

  • Group like CSS together
  • Chunk into different files
  • Write good comments
  • CSS properties FTW
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