Hasty Treat - The TLD Game


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes are playing a game! It’s called the TLD game, where Scott and Wes try to stump each other with questions about top level domains.

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Show Notes

1:55 - The rules of the game

We pick a TLD from a list, and the other person needs to guess:

  1. Is it for a country or business? -5 points
  2. What country, business, or type of business is it for? -5 points
  3. How much per year does it cost to register? You may also say “unregisterable” +/- off by $$
  4. is scott.___ and wes.___ available? -10 for each

5:40 - .BO

7:51 - .BZH


11:15 - .BABY

14:04 - .KR

16:09 - .MOTO

17:25 - .AW

19:16 - .IM

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