Hasty Treat - The Power of Hobbies


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about hobbies — how they can improve your life and make you a better developer, as well as the hobbies they enjoy.

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Show Notes

3:19 - What are our hobbies?

  • Wes: Focus on one thing, learn it, move along

    • Kombucha, Fermentation and Curing Projects
    • Bike flipping
    • Kids ride on repairs + hacks
    • ATV fixing
    • ICE to Battery conversion
  • Scott:

    • Dance - 15+ years
    • Weightlifting / fitness
    • Video games
    • Watching hockey
    • Design
    • Computing / coding
    • Snowboarding
    • Kung fu movies

9:00 - Why are they good?

  • Fuel your coding project
  • Maybe could even become your key to a job you love
  • They keep your mind sharp
  • Good for downtime
  • Good for mental health and mood
    • Can be meditative
    • Be cognizant of what they do to your mental state
  • Promotes creativity and critical thinking
  • Fun man

17:54 - How do you find a hobby?

  • Wes

    • I always need an end game
    • I want to grow hot peppers
    • I want a wicked ATV for cheap
    • I think batteries are fascinating but I need something real to do
  • Scott - I start with the fascination

    • I think dancing is cool, but I could never learn
    • I think _____ is cool, but I don’t know where to start
  • Deep dark YouTube holes

    • YouTube has an endless selection of educational content
  • Facebooks groups or forums

  • Meetups / volunteering

    • Introverts will have a hard time with this, push yourself

22:50 - What is your hobby?

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