Hasty Treat - Std Lib in JavaScript


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes discuss the Javascript standard library proposal — what it is, how it could influence dev, and what they’d like to see.

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Show Notes

1:38 - What is a Standard Lib?

  • Still experimental
  • Built-in modules don’t have to be downloaded because they ship with the browser
  • Not exposing built-in modules globally has a lot of advantages:
    • They won’t add any overhead to starting up a new JavaScript runtime context (e.g. a new tab, worker, or service worker)
    • They won’t consume any memory or CPU unless they’re actually imported
    • They don’t run the risk of naming collisions with other variables defined in your code

6:47 - Key Value Storage is the first one:

8:36 - What do we want to see?

  • Deep clone
    • Basically all of Lodash
  • util.isDeepScrictEqual
  • Async json.parse() / json.stringify
  • UUID
  • URL Lib for building and parsing URLs
  • Missing Array Methods
    • Most of underscore JS

15:53 - International

  • Currency Formatting
  • Lists
  • DateTimeFormat
  • RelativeTimeFormat
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