Hasty Treat - Spicy Takeout - PHP Is Good and We’re Just Re-Creating It


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about how much modern web development has taken from PHP!

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Show Notes

03:56 - Why much of modern web development is just recreating PHP

  • Everyone loves to hate on PHP, but modern Web dev takes a lot from PHP

05:44 - Mixing templating and logic

  • We do this with JSX

07:39 - Each request has its own scope

08:57 - Massive standard lib

  • Format a date? No sweat!
  • Image resizing? Sure!
  • Audio bindings? Sure!

10:16 - URL-based routing

  • Next.js pages
  • Serverless functions

11:13 - Server-rendered

11:38 - $_GET, $_POST, are just available

12:29 - Variable interpolation

12:59 - All-in-one frameworks

13:32 - Direct DB access

  • SQL statements

14:37 - Why do people hate PHP?

  • WordPress
  • Inconsistent API
  • Their first code was PHP and they sucked
  • PHP has come a long way
  • It used to not be safe
  • Blocking by default - no async/await

17:48 - Why is JS still better?

  • Shared code between frontend and backend
  • Single language
  • Huge ecosystem (could be a con)
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