Hasty Treat - Reading Documentation


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes dive into documentation - how to avoid common pitfalls and overwhelm, as well as how to read, understand and get the most out of documentation.

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Show Notes

5:10 - What are the different kinds of documentation?

14:34 - How to read documentation

  • Understanding how you learn will save you lots of time

16:03 - Understanding Parameters

  • Parameter types
  • Required / Optional
  • Parameter order

22:45 - How do you tackle learning something new?

  • Look at some examples
  • Scan the entire docs to get an idea of the surface area
  • Have something specific in mind that you want to build

27:34 - What to do when the docs suck?

  • Look at other people’s code
  • Chat rooms
  • Tests for examples
  • Read the source code
  • Github search
  • Contribute
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