Hasty Treat - Positivity and Web Development


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about positivity in the web industry - how it can affect you, your work, and the people around you.

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Show Notes

The tech industry is always on the cutting edge and we’re starting to see a shift in how we deal with positivity and negativity.

3:18 - The effects of negativity and how the web industry is improving

  • Mental health awareness is very real
  • Stack overflow sees that it needs to change
  • Linus Torvalds’ apology
  • Negativity is a disease, and it spreads
  • Positivity is a force as well
  • You can be constructive while still being nice
    • Dan Abramov, Addy Osmani, Sarah Drasner are all amazing examples of people pushing the web forward while having a smile on their face

11:50 - Healthy ways to approach disagreements

  • Never assume malice
  • Kill them with kindness
  • Take note of the people you admire and how they deal with aggressiveness

17:08 - The power of positivity

  • Inspire the change you want to see
  • It’s good for your productivity - it makes you feel good
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