Hasty Treat - Old Browsers, Fallbacks and Polyfills - Part 3


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes conclude a three-part series about old browsers, fallbacks and polyfills. In part three, they talk specifically about transpiling and polyfilling.

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Show Notes

2:20 - Polyfills and Transpile

5:18 - Back in the day

  • Border-radius htc hack
  • PNG fix for transparent PNGs
  • Flash for custom fonts
  • Cufon and SIFR

10:48 - JavaScript Polyfills

13:47 - JavaScript Transpile

  • Syntax is transpiled
  • babel-preset-env
  • Babel has plugins and presets
  • Meteor bundle to different browsers on demand
  • There are polyfills for most things, but performance can be an issue
    • Resize observer
    • Intersection Observer
  • Some things can’t be done with either
    • New browser APIs
    • Service workers, device access, inline video on old iOS, etc.
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