Hasty Treat - Next.js 12


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about Next.js 12 and all of its hot new goodness and updates!

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Show Notes

04:00 - Rust Compiler: ~3x faster Fast Refresh and ~5x faster builds

06:25 - Middleware (beta): Enabling full flexibility in Next.js with code over configuration

08:16 - React 18 Support: Native Next.js APIs are now supported, as well as suspense

09:56 - AVIF Support: Opt-in for 20% smaller images

11:58 - Bot-aware ISR Fallback: Optimized SEO for web crawlers

13:10 - Native ES Modules Support: Aligning with the standardized module system

14:39 - URL Imports (alpha): Import packages from any URL, no installs required

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