Hasty Treat - Hireable Skills for 2021


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about hireable skills or 2021 — what you need to know to get a job and grow in your career this year!

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Show Notes

04:17 - Code in general

  • Clean, commented, organized
  • Take the extra hour before an application and polish it

06:10 - JS

  • Basics of the language - storing data in Arrays and Objects
  • Looping and flow control
  • Array methods
  • Promises + async await
  • DOM basics - select an element, listen for clicks, update elements
  • Node basics
    • Most of your JS basics apply here
    • Read Files, write files
    • Fetch data and return it

08:38 - CSS

  • Attention to detail - pixel-perfect replication of designs
  • Works well on mobile
  • No reliance on libraries - complete reliance on Bootstrap or Tailwind is a red flag. If you use these things, explain clearly why they are useful to you (e.g. augment your skills, not relied on).

12:54 - Real-world libraries

  • One of the following: React, Vue, Angular
  • Node.js - sending Server data as a response
    • JSON
    • Express, Next.js
  • Popular helper libs
    • Date functions / Moment (Moment is old but its still 2x more popular)
    • Lodash
  • CSS
    • Scoped CSS
    • Pattern libraries

17:15 - What about data structures and algorithms?

20:26 - Soft skills

  • Know how to talk to PMs and other devs.
  • Know how to stay on top of timelines and schedules while communicating.
  • You won’t last long in any work environment where you aren’t able to fit in.
  • Many devs sometimes get a big head about doing tech - this is not something you want to emulate. Ignore any kind of internal “us vs them” attitude. It’s about the big picture and you’ll go further.
  • Write good, short, emails that don’t sound like you are mad.
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