Hasty Treat - Get Gud at Passwords & Password Management


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about security and how to get good at passwords.

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Show Notes

7:35 - Setting passwords

  • Absolutely 100% must be unique for EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE

9:38 - Generated passwords

  • Make a sentence: lovetoEatPizza
  • Decide on casing
  • Make your own algorithm:
    • 3rd letter replaced by 4th letter of domain
    • number on end is double the number of chars in the domain

13:52 - Use a password Manager

  • Have the password manager generate the password for you
  • Get it on your phone
  • You must go 100% all in
  • 1password
  • Dashlane
  • Bitwarden - open source version of Dashlane
  • LastPass - awful

17:45 - Password manager tips

  • Turn off your browser password manager - this is a crutch and causes them to become out of sync and this is why I see people annoyed by them
  • For the love of god, make you master password something you can remember
  • You can add family members to your plan that will approve it
  • 1password’s Watchtower feature

20:50 - Biometrics

  • Face ID, Touch ID
  • Blood

21:37 - 2FA codes

29:55 - Text message codes

  • Don’t
  • My sister got sim jacked, PayPal drained, phone number was gone for 7 days
  • Lock transfer - ask your phone provider - mine has voice recognition
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