Hasty Treat - Gatsby Tips


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about tips and tricks for using Gatsby in your projects

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Show Notes

02:02 - React Helmet

  • Make a re-usable SEO component that sets defaults. Spread children to override.

04:27 - When in doubt, stop the build and restart

  • Gatsby clean
  • Nuke node_modules + package-lock

05:34 - Use ESM to use ES Modules everywhere - share functions between gatsby-node and gatsby-browser

06:44 - Run the build command locally to troubleshoot prod

  • Dev mode isn’t SSG’d - people overlook this

08:06 - Wrap your layout automatically in gatsby-ssr and gatbsy-browser

  • wrapPageElement and wrapRootElement

09:50 - Consider just adding the layout component manually to each page

  • This will allow you to skip the layout if you need to have a page that isn’t typical

11:21 - Layout is not suitable for unmount animations

  • Orchestrating individual component animations in Gatsby isn’t easy, use wrapPageElement to write your animations or delays for internally unmounted components.

12:59 - use onCreatePage to pass context to the layout

exports.onCreatePage = ({ page, actions }) => { const { createPage } = actions; if (page.path.match(/thumbnail/)) { page.context.layout = 'thumbnail'; createPage(page); } };

14:03 - You don’t have to query for everything

  • Hard-coding data in html/jsx is super valid

15:32 - Gatsby Parallel Runner

  • For lots of images
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