Hasty Treat - Developing for Slow and Spotty Connections


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about how to develop for slow internet connections.

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Show Notes

02:26 - Types of Slow connections

  • Slow upload
  • Slow download
    • This could be that your kids are watching a show and your partner is on a zoom call
  • High latency
  • Intermittent

07:47 - Loading UI

  • Show loading UI for everything, but after X seconds
  • Page transitions on SPAs
  • Form switches - enter country, get list of provinces/shipping/whatever

11:58 - Account for XHR failures

  • Sometimes I’m in a loading state forever
  • State machines will account for this

13:26 - “Still working” timeouts

  • Some sort of timeout so the user can get feedback
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