Hasty Treat - Desktop Apps + New Tech We Love


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about the hottest new tech they love!

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Show Notes

03:30 - Lucy Language

06:10 - MDSvex

09:56 - RECut

12:26 - Fig

  • https://fig.io/
  • It’s an app you install on your computer, it adds autocomplete to your terminal
  • Works with most popular terminals
  • Autocompletes git commands
  • NPM commands + tons more - npm install ___ works
  • Adds descriptions of what each command does
  • Mac only - again another reason why Mac is best!
  • Themeable
  • Why not use Fish/ZSH?
    • This isn’t a replacement for anything, it’s just autocomplete on top
    • These fish plugins are to vim, as Fig is to VS Code
    • Better UI is KEY

15:56 - Warp

  • https://www.warp.dev/
  • Rust-based termnial
  • Very fast
  • Extensions and themes
  • Share commands and sessions
  • Great for remote server dev
  • Share terminal state - with share links

19:33 - Raycast

  • https://www.raycast.com/
  • App launcher
  • File Finder
  • Workflow runner
  • Everyone is asking why is it better than Alfred
  • better UI
  • Better outputs math
  • Better defaults - currency conversion
  • Fast as hell
  • Better integrations
  • More Flexible

21:26 - Table Plus

23:59 - Obsidian Update

  • Wes: I haven’t got into it - find myself still going back to VS Code

26:50 - Descript Update

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