Hasty Treat - Cranky Developers


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about cranky developers — those devs who never seem happy about anything, always mad about tech choices, and constantly writing off any new tech as simply a “fad” or unnecessary.


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Show Notes

2:20 - How to deal with cranky devs

  • Many experienced developers prefer older, stable technology for a reason. They have been through it before.

7:14 - Questions to ask when considering new tech:

  • Is it better for the product?
  • Is it better for the users?
  • Is it better for the business?
  • Is it better for the developer?

16:39 - How to convince them:

  • Proof of concept - show them it’s better.

18:28 - Things to acknowledge:

  • There are risks in changing technologies.
  • There are costs - training, tooling, hosting.

21:20 - Some people are not interested in improving themselves

  • They got the job they want and are short sighted about the future.
  • You can appeal to management about making progressive choices.
  • If management isn’t interested, you should look for a new job.
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