Hasty Treat - Async + Await Error Handling Strategies


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes discuss different error handling strategies.

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Show Notes

2:07 - Try / Catch

  • This can be done at call time or inside the function

4:10 - Higher Order Function

  • Makes a function that returns a new function which in turn calls your original function (but with a .catch chained on)

7:46 - Handle the error when you call it

  • Use async/await but chain a .catch onto the end

9:03 - Node.js Unhandled Rejection Event

  • process.on('unhandledRejectionEvent', callback)

9:40 - What do do with those errors

  • Send to error tracking service
  • Possible to give the user a reference number
  • Display good error text to user
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