Hasty Treat - Ask Us Anything!


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes are doing an AMA — answering questions about self-employment, time-management, course creation, Clubhouse, and more!

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Show Notes

03:41 - What do you miss about NOT being self-employed? What are some UNEXPECTED perks of being self-employed?

05:47 - Hypothetically, what would a LinkedIn recruiter need to say to pull you away from your current development work, and possibly even the podcast?

09:08 - What percentage of your time do you guys spend doing work for clients vs your own courses/projects?

10:04 - Do you still do most of your work yourself, or do you outsource some parts of it? (work can be anything related to your business, not just making the courses)

12:48 - Could you all talk about protected/private routes in Next.js? I’m coming from create react app type routing.

16:07 - What would be doing for a living if not a developer?

17:50 - What do you think about Clubhouse? Are you guys planning to talk over there some time?

24:18 - Vue or React? Which do you think will be the top? And should developers learn both?

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