Hasty Treat - AMA - Our Wives, Careers Outside Tech, and Favorites


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes are back with another AMA. This time they talk about their spouses, careers outside of tech, lots of favorites (movies, colors, clothes), and more!

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Show Notes

2:58 - What do your wives do?

6:40 - If you had to choose a different career, what would you do?

If you started learning another (programming) language today, what would it be?

11:50 - Favorites (e.g. colors, movies, brands, etc.)

18:08 - Who inspires you?

26:19 - What’s your ratio of client work, learning new tech, and teaching via your courses, talks or Syntax.fm? You guys seem awfully busy, and it’s making me feel kinda lazy.

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