Hasty Treat - 300th Episode Tech Chat


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about their 300th episode and the tech behind it.

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Show Notes

02:15 - The things we tried

  • Zoom Breakout rooms
  • Hopin - $$$
  • Streamyard

04:24 - What we used

  • Discord
    • Room as a waiting room
    • Roles to give access
    • An a/v room where Wes and Scott were hanging
    • Lots of questions about Slack vs Discord
  • OBS
    • ObS to stream to three locations
    • ObS Streamlabs does this easily
    • Screen capture did a better job than using the video source from Discord
  • Youtube, Youtube, and MUX
    • Streamlabs can stream to 4 sources at once
    • MUX
  • How we got Syntax.fm/live to work
    • Create a new live stream on Mux via their UI
    • Get stream address and key
    • Point Streamlabs to it
    • HLS m3u8 address from Mux into a HLS react player
  • Looping intro video
  • Recording Audio
    • Wes recorded two streams locally
    • All audio on stream was piped through BlackHole on Scott’s machine
    • Used Loopback to pipe Discord audio into an input
    • Scott + Guest were on the same channel, possibly compressed
    • Sounded good!
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