Failure. How do you deal with it? How to learn from it? How do you know when you should give up vs keep pushing?

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The Show Notes!


  • Scott and Wes shoot the shit
  • Wes is back from the DotJS conference
  • Wes does a terrible (and hopefully not offensive) French Accent


  • What's the deal with the #FailFast culture
  • We talk about Fear of Failure and how it can stop you from starting anything at all
  • High Stakes vs Low Stakes Failure


  • Be aware of how fear of failure manifests itself in your work
  • Just do it, put in the work
  • Pen to Paper


  • How to deal with mid-project failure
  • Getting sick of a project part way through
  • Finishing Things is such an underrated skill
  • Small wins is key for confidence
  • Take the emotion out of the decisions


  • MVP - Minimum Viable Product


  • Do you plan for failure?
  • Wes' Life is Course Correction
  • Wes is Unapologetically Confident
  • Scott is Ignorantly Confident


  • Another one of Scott's amazing segueways into our Sponsor


  • Wes' Facebook Ads Failures
  • The cost of admission
  • Own your role in something failing


  • Eating burnt rice is a huge character trait
  • Pivoting


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