Dev Tools Power — Elements Tab


In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk about the Dev Tools Elements Tab — all the features, and when you would use them!

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Show Notes

03:13 - Elements

  • Learn to open the Elements panel and the console right away — right-click inspect element is weak!
  • Drag-and-drop elements
  • Edit as HTML
  • Click to select use in JS console
    • $0 →
  • Add Attribute
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Flex (Chrome now!)
  • Break on → Node removal
  • Scroll into view
  • Expand / Collapse

16:59 - Styles

  • :hov
  • .cls
  • Element style
  • Layout - Box Model
  • Layout - Grid
  • Layout - Flexbox
  • Toggle Print/Light/Dark

25:03 - Panel

  • Escape to open close
  • No longer has to be JUST Console
  • Computed Styles
    • Great to find out what value it’s actually using without scrolling through the cascade
    • Toggle browser styles on and off
  • Fonts Tab
    • Super handy to find the used font, spacing, size, weight, etc.
    • You can also see all fonts used on a page
  • Animations Tab
  • Changes
    • Shows the CSS that has changed since you have been goofing around.

38:18 - Settings

43:39 - Compatibility

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