Desktop & Mobile Apps With a Single Codebase


In this episode, Scott and Wes talk with Etienne Lemay, developer of Missive, about his experience building Missive, best practices, and the pros and cons of building desktop and mobile apps with a single codebase.

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Show Notes

0:57 - What is Missive?

6:10 - What is the desktop app built in?

9:44 - Did you use any particular libraries for the front-end?

11:44 - How are you managing state?

13:37 - Is it challenging to do all of this in JS?

15:07 - What was the catalyst for the “multi-conversation swipe”?

21:32 - What is the mobile app built in?

24:00 - What are the advantages of Cordova?

30:30 - How do you manage offline/syncing/etc. so well in a JS app?

34:56 - How do you test it?

36:52 - Have you looked into Cypress?

39:35 - How do you style it?

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