Bike Shedding — Developer Opinions Explained


In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes bike shed some common developer opinions.

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Show Notes

04:27 - Event params

  • e, evt, ev, or event?

06:36 - CSS variables

  • —red or —primary?

09:31 - CSS colors

11:52 - Default exports vs named exports

14:45 - JavaScript import ordering

17:09 - Foo / Bar / Baz in examples

21:18 - Light vs dark themes

24:00 - longVerboseNamesDescribingWhatItIsOrDoes vs x

26:54 - VScode vs WebStorm (IDE) vs Vim

31:12 - TypeScript Generics: vs

34:39 - Indentation-base syntax

37:37 - Max line length

40:21 - One reduce, vs multiple .map()/flat(),filter()

async function getStatus() { const res = await sendCommand('AT!GSTATUS'); const result = res.result .split('\n') .map((x: string) => x.split(`\t\t`)) .flat() .filter(Boolean) .map((x: string) => x.trim()) .map((x: string) => x.split(` \t`)) .flat() .filter((x: string) => x.includes(':')) .map((x: string) => x.split(`:`)) .map(([prop, val]: [string, string]) => [prop, val.trim()]) return Object.fromEntries(result); }

42:50 - index.js files

48:20 - Ligatures and fancy fonts

50:30 - Regular functions vs anon functions in a variable vs arrow functions

  • function hey() {}
  • const hey = function() {}
  • const hey = () ⇒ {}

52:44 - Explicit return vs implicit return

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