Are Web Dev GUIs Going to Replace Us?


In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk about web dev GUIs — what are they, are they going to replace developers, are they good or bad, and more!

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Show Notes

1:30 - What is “codeless”?

  • The codeless movement is coming in with a force. Are they just selling something? Or is it a real concern?
  • All types of jobs are being replaced by computers
    • Truckers
    • Cashiers
    • Lawnmowers
    • Doctors
    • Why not web developers?

7:22 - First experience building sites with a GUI?

10:18 - Entire website builders:

13:17 - When are GUIs useful?

  • Brochure site
  • Basic e-commerce

20:26 - Is a GUI/Codeless always better?

  • It depends what you’re capable of doing

25:21 - Levels of hell GUI assistance in builders

  • CMS - Just modifying content and basic markup
  • Access to code, drag blocks into place
  • No or minimal access to code
  • No modification outside of options

31:36 - Are there GUIs for making applications?

36:54 - Are jobs at risk?

  • Yes

    • I think a lot of WordPress tinkering has already been replaced
    • The guy who knows what buttons to push is at risk?
    • Webmaster jobs where the roll was just occasionally updating HTML and text
  • No

    • Government
    • Educational institutions
    • Major corporations that can’t have their content stored via a service

39:55 - Our favorite GUIs to help development

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