A Look Forward to 2019


In this episode Wes and Scott take a look back at 2018 as well as a look forward to what’s coming in 2019.

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Show Notes

3:00 - What was hot in 2018?

  • Tooling got easier
  • GraphQL got easier and more accessible
  • New GraphQL companies left and right
  • CSS has gotten more awesome
  • React
  • Improvement in React Dev Tools
  • JavaScript frameworks overall
  • Edge adopting Chrome engine
  • Microsoft bought Github
  • Vue continues to impress and evolve
  • VS Code continued to get amazing

31:29 - Predictions for 2019

  • Headless CMS game is going to get really real
  • We’re gonna see rails for JavaScript start making some noise
  • React will continue to see growth
  • Design tools will get more code-y (Figma, etc.)
  • VueJS will continue to see growth
  • Developer Experience Tools will continue to get easier
  • Wasm
  • Code splitting easier
  • ES6 Modules in Node
  • Server Side Hot reloading

41:00 - Scott’s Year in Review

  • Released 12 courses
  • Major growth in Level Up as a platform
  • Hired first employees to work and grow site
  • Greatly improved quality and video production
  • Gave first conf talks and spoke internationally

44:03 - Wes’ Year in Review

  • Released two courses - CSS Grid and Advanced React
  • Started work on JavaScript course
  • Delegated lots of development to contractor
  • Continued to work well with assistant
  • Spoke at lots of confs
  • Live Syntax!
  • Grew Instagram
  • Continued hot tips on twitter


  • We’re both having babies!

48:09 - Wes’ Goals for 2019

  • Keep doing what I’m doing!
  • New Website!
  • JavaScript course
  • Platform upgrades - been in the works for months - working on a faster rollout
  • CSS course? VS Code course? More React?
  • 8 YouTube Videos
  • Instagram to 30k
  • Parental Leave

52:26 - Scott’s Goals for 2019

  • Courses
  • First non-Scott LUT courses (big plans / announcements here )
  • Parental Leave
  • Major platform updates that are stuck in bottleneck
  • More hires, more growth
  • More free content
  • More teaching from real world code
  • Codebase to Hooks & Suspense
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