788: Supabase: Open Source Firebase for Fullstack JS Apps


Scott and CJ chat with Paul Copplestone, CEO and co-founder of Supabase, about the journey of building an open source alternative to Firebase. Learn about the tech stack, the story behind their excellent documentation, and how Supabase balances business goals with open-source values.

Show Notes
  • 00:00 Welcome to Syntax!
  • 00:30 Who is Paul Copplestone?
  • 01:17 Why ‘Supa’ and not ‘Super’?
  • 02:26 How did Supabase start?
  • 08:42 Simplicity in design.
  • 10:32 How do you take Supabase one step beyond the competition?
  • 12:35 How do you decide which libraries are officially supported vs community maintained?
    • 15:17 You don’t need a client library!
  • 16:48 Edge functions for server-side functionality.
  • 18:51 The genesis of pgvector.
  • 20:59 The product strategy.
  • 22:25 What’s the story behind Supabase’s awesome docs?
  • 25:26 The tech behind Supabase.
  • 35:46 How do you balance business goals with open source?
  • 42:01 What’s next for Supabase?
  • 44:15 Supabase’s GA + new features.
  • 48:24 Who runs the X account?
  • 50:39 Sick Picks + Shameless Plugs.
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