737: JSR: The New TypeScript Package Registry (NPM Killer)


Get ready to learn all about the JSR package registry with Wes, Scott, and special guest Luca Casonato of Deno, as they discuss its benefits, share insights on when to use it, and teasing some secret features that promise to enhance your coding journey.

Show Notes
  • 00:00 Welcome to Syntax!
  • 00:37 Brought to you by sentry.io.
  • 00:51 Who is Luca Casonato?
  • 01:18 Why do we need another package registry?
  • Wes Bos Tweet
  • 04:35 Is it ESM only?
  • 06:08 What exactly is JSR?
  • 07:22 How do you install things from this registry?
  • 09:38 NPM specifier in NodeJS?
  • 12:18 Why can’t we just fix NPM?
  • 14:28 When you make things easier, people make cooler stuff.
  • 17:49 A little bit about auto-documentation.
  • 21:18 Auto-Types.
  • 22:33 Can’t you just put TypeScript files on an NPM?
  • 24:04 Package Provenance.
  • NPM Package Provenance
  • 25:14 Does JSR have any plans for scanning dependencies?
  • 27:56 GitHub action integration.
  • 30:08 Does JSR replace url imports in Deno?
  • Import Maps, Ep.596
  • 32:15 What about publishing JSX, TSX, CSS, WASM, etc?
  • 34:16 What are Slow Types?
  • 36:34 Do you think we’ll ever see another implementation of a TypeScript type checker?
  • 38:23 Types as comments or adding types to JavaScript.
  • 40:10 What is the anticipated timeline?
  • 41:52 Are there any parts of TypeScript that you don’t like?
  • 43:32 What about when TypeScript breaks?
  • 46:20 JSR community funding.
  • 49:39 Are you planning on pre-registering popular names?
  • 52:26 Super secret new features!
  • 56:39 Sick Picks + Shameless Plugs.
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