704: Stump'd JS + CSS Interview Questions


In this episode of Syntax, Wes and Scott try to stump each other with JavaScript and CSS interview style questions including CSS contain, naming the 7 parts of Houdini, what ARIA stands for, 5 limitations of serverless, and more.

Show Notes
  • 00:25 Welcome
  • 01:31 Syntax Brought to you by Sentry
  • 02:01 Explain CSS Contain and why it exists?
  • 07:27 In CSS Grid, how would I make a grid of 3 equal columns with 20 pixels between them?
  • Wes Bos on X: 🔥 A visual guide to getting equal width columns in CSS Grid / X
  • 10:31 Which of the following elements are fake?
  • 13:00 Which of the following HTML tags are deprecated?
  • 16:38 What is the samp element?
  • 17:27 Name the 7 parts of CSS Houdini
  • 21:07 In JavaScript for loop with 10 items, how can you exit a loop early?
  • 22:34 What is the difference between a pseudo element and a pseudo class?
  • 25:59 How could you implement CSS :has with JavaScript?
  • 27:56 What are two attributes that would make an SVG more accessible?
  • 29:43 How can you stop your process from exiting if you have an unhandled rejection?
  • 32:27 How do you prevent flex children from getting squished?
  • 34:40 In TypeScript, what does using keyof and typeof together do?
  • 37:19 What does ARIA stand for?
  • 37:39 Name 5 limitations that a serverless or edge function have over tradtional long running server?
  • 40:38 Write an item using Flex code, not grow to fill it’s container, or shrink, and the item will take up only the space based on it’s content size.
  • 42:03 If I’m building an application that needs to announce a change to the user, how would I do that?
  • 43:46 Name the 5 different Git elements methods on a document?
  • 45:39 What does the CSS prospective property do?
  • 48:23 Sick picks
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