It’s the 300th episode of Syntax! To celebrate, Scott and Wes do a special live call-in episode with Syntax listeners.

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Show Notes

03:30 - How is this going to work?

  • Ask a Potluck Question
  • Do a Sick Pick
  • Take on a Stump’d Question
  • Do a Shameless Plug

04:45 - Brad

11:54 - Brittany

16:43 - Jesse

23:44 - Henri

31:27 - Jason

  • Stump’d Question: What does “use strict” do and what are the benefits?

36:48 - Spence

41:33 - James

  • Potluck Question: How do you keep people engaged in a workshop?
  • Stump’d Question: What is the difference between the postfix i++ and the prefix ++i increment operators?
  • Shameless Plug: YouTube for Developers
  • Shameless Plug: James Q Quick YouTube Channel

54:24 - Austin

  • Potluck Question: Problems with ESLint, Prettier and VS Code playing nicely together
  • Shameless Plug: https://erickka.art/

66:21 - Dave

  • Sick Pick: mmhmm
  • Stump’d Question: What is the difference between the + and ~ sibling selectors in CSS?

78:56 - Gareth

89:51 - Ackzell and Lewis

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